Welcome to 3 SCHIPS AND A GIRL CANINE LODGE! Here at the Lodge we cater to small dogs (our “Campers”) who weigh 25 pounds and under and are no more than 18 inches tall. We strive to give our Campers the very best vacation experience possible so we limit the number of day and overnight Campers to about 10. Our motto at the Lodge is “let’s have fun!” Our special Lodge features K9 grass INDOORS to make the best of rainy days and our securely fenced outdoor play yard has plenty of space for Zoomies, wrestling, fetch, chase, a wading pool in the summer, a sandbox, and more. The bunkhouse features cozy and roomy bunks for campers to catch their zzzzz’s.

The CANINE LODGE welcomes Campers for just a day of play as well as for overnights of any length. Before visiting the Lodge, a meet-and-greet is required to evaluate your dog’s temperament to ensure a happy and safe visit. All Campers will receive one-on-one attention, ample play time, nap time, and much more! Here at the Lodge we strive to address each Camper’s needs for a relaxing and stress-free visit.

Older Campers are welcome too! If their idea of having fun is lying in the sun and dreaming, we will make sure they have a nice comfy (and undisturbed) spot to do so.

At the CANINE LODGE, Campers have the opportunity to learn new tricks, Rally Obedience and Agility basics.  These amenities will be reviewed during check-in.


Lodge Rates

Overnight Stay (24 hours): $37; 2nd and 3rd dogs in the same family are $32 each per night.

Doggie Daycare: $26.50 for a full day (4 hours or more); 2nd dog in the same family is $21.50.  Hourly rates (2 hour minimum): $6 hour per dog (after 4 hours the full day rates apply). Doggie Daycare by the day or hour is a great way to entertain your pooch while you’re out shopping, visiting friends and family, skiing, whatever!

Meet and Greet
(evaluation): no charge, by appointment only.

Package Deals: Prepay 10 visits for the price of 9. This applies to both Overnights ($333.00) and full day Doggie Daycare ($238.50).  For 2 dogs in the same household the price would be $653.00 for Overnights and $453.50 for Daycare.

If a trip to the store is required to obtain more food for your Camper, a $15 fee will be charged to your bill in addition to the cost of the food.  Please note that there is a holiday surcharge of 15% to the above rates (applicable to New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day). Cancellation of service less than 5 days prior to a holiday carries a 50% surcharge.

Payment is due at pick-up, no exceptions. Cash and check only, please.


TRAVELERS TAKE NOTE: The CANINE LODGE is just 3 1/2 miles from the Bellingham Airport!
3 SCHIPS AND A GIRL CANINE LODGE strives to offer a unique and fun vacation for your dog. We have strong relationships with veterinarians, trainers, and pet supply providers in Bellingham so feel free to ask us questions or ask for referrals. Should a behavior or health problem arise with your Camper during his or her stay with us, we will contact you to discuss. We are happy to coordinate any necessary veterinary care that may be required (additional fee applies).


All Campers get a high quality grain-free snack and a slice of fruit at lunch-time as well as a grain-free snack before lights out. Campers are free to bring their own snack substitutions. In addition, during check-in Campers can pre-order appetizers from JUNO’S LOUNGE MENU. All of our appetizers are highly nutritious and tasty! We use organic (and unsalted) peanut butter, pumpkin, and bananas. The yogurt in our frozen Kong is made from goat’s milk. Chewies are beef tendons or something similar (non-rawhide) and are sized according to a Camper’s weight.

Campers are served their lounge appetizer in the privacy of their bunk.